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I should say something about my friends policy: basically I have to know someone IRL ("In Real Life") in order to friend him. I handle people of interest on LJ (LiveJournal) here by bookmarking their journals. Please note that I don't always get a lot of time to read and write. I'd like another level of "friends" status on LJ that doesn't grant access to things; see my entry of May 18, 2006 (http://capj.livejournal.com/52881.html).

Version: 3.12 (Added UF)
GE d- s: a+ C++ US P>+ L E@ W++ N+@ o? K- w+(++)@
O---@ M@ V@ PS+++@ PE++@ Y+>++ PGP++@ t@ 5+ X-@ R-@ tv--(-)@ b+(++) DI++++
UF+ D G e++ h+@ r@ y?

A convention that I have adopted is to spell my "tags" the same way as my interests, so that the Livejournal "tag"-viewing URL format can be used to locate entries by referring to my interests: http://capj.livejournal.com/tag/(insert_tag_here-remove_parentheses). Replace '+' signs for spaces in those tags that contain spaces; eg. http://capj.livejournal.com/tag/jeff+foxworthy. Last I knew, the Interests section is limited to 150; I may have tags that are not listed, and interests listed with no corresponding entries. (Relevant tags: about capj lj, about capj, about lj).
A noteable exception is "analog magazine" in my interests (to get on the list of the four others as last I knew who list that) vs. my tag "analog mag" (don't use the quotes).
Others: lord of the rings: lotr
terrible (or terminal) cuteness: tc
hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy: hhgttg
Other noteable tags: essays, thoughts, reviews, pix, stories ...
See http://capj.livejournal.com/tag/ for all.
For my "friends-locked" entries: "friendslocked".
I have also added a "wondering" tag, for things about which I am still wondering. I plan to remove that tag from posts that contain questions for which I have learned all the answers.