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CICPR is a better prescription for liberty than NIF

The NIF, Non-Initiation-of-Force, principle has been modified to also exclude fraud. But there are also theft and trespass that can also legitimately be countered by force.

When a theory starts to see exceptions, or even only one exception, it is time to modify the theory, because there is clearly a different, unexpressed understanding that is causing the theory to be modified. In this case that understanding is Consistent Individual Creator's Property Rights (CICPR).

In fact, if you name any kind of property other than self-ownership, such as copyrighted property, violating its CICPR is also an exception to the NIF principle in which force can be initiated. It's clear that the concept of this type of property right is the true libertarian principle. -Violating someone's right to self-ownership seems to be the only case in which initiation of force is always needed and is always wrongful.

CICPR is uniquely consistent and principled.
Taxation and other forms of theft can't be consistent -- thieves hate to be stolen from.
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In anarchy, people can't build and invest

Thinking of Charlemagne's conquest by the year 800, it was positive because anarchy was ended. In anarchy, people can't build and invest, because looters or small warlords will take too much -- tax at a 100% rate.

This may be the source of the "Return of the King" myth: the land blooms when the king returns. I recall this shown near the end of the 1981 movie "Excalibur".
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White house press secretary does an excellent job pointing out Democrat crimes against Trump

White house press secretary does an excellent job pointing out Democrat crimes against US President Trump
Scroll down to see her wearing an earned Supergirl outfit, or see this link:

Listening to the mainstream media's comments about Trump sounds like listening to talking points straight from the Democratic Party. Maybe everyone could cut out the middleman and just google for the Democratic Party's talking points.
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Canada should build some nuclear reactors

So if Canada is losing money due to the low price of oil, it should build some nuclear reactors. It has plenty of uranium along with CANDU technology. It could be exporting electricity. There is no reason or excuse for being poor.
Also, due to COVID-19, federal and provincial deficits have become very high, increasing debts greatly. Canada sorely needs income. This would also help mitigate how the Canadian dollar is a proxy for the price of oil.
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The government is not the country

This is an important realization. Politicos love to wrap themselves in the flag and insinuate that anyone who opposes them, or even has concerns about them, opposes the country.
Governments everywhere do it. The Chinese gov't does it. Even US Pres. Trump does it all the time for himself even while he often strongly makes distinctions between "the great people" of other countries and their bad leadership.
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