June 28th, 2020

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"Foundation", by Isaac Asimov, coming to a screen near you!

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Interracial Violent Crime Incidents in the US, 2018

Two-at-a-time between black, white and hispanic, each way, giving six stats:
White on black: 59,778 cases, the second-lowest.
Black on white: 547,948 cases, the highest by a wide margin.
What isn't needed are more social programs, causing more gov't interference and a worse economy, thus more anger, but liberty, i.e., CICPR. More success and people being better off will reduce anger.
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What is worth writing about?

Once again I return to this theme.
It is often maintained that the only thing worth writing about is "the human heart in conflict with itself", but I think accomplishment and building for the future are more worth writing about. These two themes are core themes of Science Fiction, making SF the most valuable literature of all. Indeed, building for the future is what we all do every day, except sometimes if we're on vacation, retired, or have given up on life. Building for the future is the most important activity, making SF the most important literature.
Also, of course, SF is "the literature of ideas".
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French vs English and *nix vs DOS

My impression of French is that it makes English look like a toy language, in much the same way that Unix, or it's *nix variants, make DOS look like a toy OS (Operating System). However, MS-Windows has built a much more user friendly OS, that windowed versions of Linux haven't matched.
I believe that Microsoft may have ripped off Apple, but I digress.