capj (capj) wrote,

Spoof of "Achy-Breaky Heart"

This spoof of "Achy-Breaky Heart" came on CHOM FM* in Montreal in the 90s:
"Oh, you can clear a room,
by playing Danny Boone,
a breaker-of-a records until dawn,
or I can even hear... Sam Whitman or Zamfir;
don't mind a Yoko Ono marathon.
Or play some Tiffany,
on 8-track or CD,
or scrape your fingernails across a board,
or tie me to a chair,
and kick me down the stairs;
just please don't play that stupid song no more."

"Don't play that song, that Achy Breaky Song,
you know I hate that song a bu-unch.
And if you play that song, that nauseating song,
you might just make me lose my lunch."

"Don't play that song, that Achy Breaky Song
-- I might just blow up my radio-o"...

These little comedy bites used to come on just before "The Drive at Five", which would then begin: "The keys... the belt... the transmission... the radio... The Drive at Five: Montreal's all-request hour." I collected the better part of half of a ninety-minute cassette tape of them, but this one I didn't manage to catch.

*Pronounced "Shome-FM" -- for you non-vrai West Islanders out there.
Tags: 90s, about capj, achy-breaky heart, chom fm, comedy, comic verse, driving, humor, montreal, music, poetry, silliness, songs, weird al yankovic
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