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"International Ridicule Global Warming Month" [Feb. 2nd, 2018|09:43 pm]
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Never mind that; it's "International Ridicule Global Warming Season". Cripes it's cold.
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Phone numbers of unwanted callers, to block [Feb. 2nd, 2018|09:40 pm]
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Phone numbers of unwanted callers I had to block. If you're setting up a phone system, you can go ahead and block these numbers right away.

2892040681, 2892403791, 2892406784, 2892744187, 2898020230, 6471532400, 6472439333, 6477978650, 7783302280, 7783302287, 7784522451, 7784522454
8004143484, 8443963232, 8443963239, 8444964650, 8447692521, 4164779883, 4164779881, 5148078595, 6042963232, 6042963239, 6470001154, 4164925600
9055799298, 6472747162, 6476916140, 6477550532, 4162079709, 4168408341, 6472475708, 6474941381, 6476357894, 8663102355, 6139024215, 6472089699
8668870747, 8668882433, 6474751619, 8773302289, 6471152637, 6478477925, 8001083030, 9057861111, 9057795280, 6472359192, 6479506223, 6042831242
6471874136, 6479313517, 6470480486, 6470941445, 6473137320, 6477128799, 7783289992, 7784522505, 8771394864, 9055767493, 8773559925, 2896347114
9051731577, 6470188147, 9059937229, 6472365485, 7054925600, 8774573685, 9052402531, 8555285378, 8554051123, 9052019347
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"Hospital Handbook" [Mar. 25th, 2017|01:57 pm]
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Written by people who have been there. Nine chapters:
PDF: https://goo.gl/cTLhQM -> http://uhnopenlab.ca/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/Hospital-Handbook_eBook_2016-08-24.pdf
From http://uhnopenlab.ca/project/stuffpatientswant/

It focuses on Canadian hospitals. It's an easy read; could be helpful.

I couldn't find the newspaper article, titled "Patients create hospital handbook", on the Web. However, there are many patient handbooks out there.

See also
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UN Climate Results are Only Possible Through Corruption [Mar. 12th, 2017|11:51 am]
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"I just need a million bucks! Why is that so hard to understand?!"
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Two good ones on AGW by Scott Adams [Mar. 11th, 2017|01:39 pm]
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Read this one first:
"My $1 Million Climate Model Bet"
Scott Adams' Blog
"I will bet anyone $1 million dollars that I can come up with a climate forecast model that ignores C02 and still predicts the temperature 30 years from now to within half a degree. Does anyone want to take that bet?"

"How to Convince Skeptics that Climate Change is a Problem"
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Take action against AGW hysteria [Mar. 5th, 2017|03:15 pm]
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Take action against AGW hysteria: add your name to The Petition Project:
Join 31,487 American scientists who agree that:
"There is no convincing scientific evidence that the human release of carbon dioxide, methane, or other greenhouse gases is causing, or will, in the foreseeable future, cause catastrophic heating of the Earth's atmosphere and disruption of the Earth's climate. Moreover, there is substantial scientific evidence that increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide produce many beneficial effects upon the natural plant and animal environments of the Earth."
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Tucker Carlson vs. Bill Nye "The Bullshit Guy", Feb. 27, 2017 [Mar. 5th, 2017|02:24 pm]
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(HIGH ENERGY Channel 2)
Nye melts down at the end.
It is unfortunate that Nye is clinging to a vested position in the face of all rationality.
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The AGW position has no credibility [Mar. 5th, 2017|02:11 pm]
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Global temperatures have not been "rising steadily". Far, far from it; see the graphs in this article, "UN Climate Results"*. "Steadily" is ridiculous, since the actual temperatures go up and down quite greatly, and one must assign a trend line. The author of the article put a straight trend line over the results since 2000. I actually see a small increase since then, but nothing like predicted by the models, which have failed catastrophically. Why the slight warming: this has been going on since well before the industrial revolution, since the Little Ice age of about the 1500s. I'm not sure why, but it sure doesn't look human-caused. Things are just not credible for the AGW** crowd. Again, many reasons: warm global temperatures around 0 AD, cooling temperatures after that, leading to barbarian invasions from the north, warm temperatures about 1000 AD that let men farm in Greenland (hence its name) and grow grapes in Newfoundland, or "Vinland", the Little Ice Age of about 1500, that was exited well before the industrial revolution, cooling from the 1940s to the 1970s during a time of dramatically - increasing coal burning (and the cooling was blamed on coal - burning), and now, *slightly* (on average) increasing temperatures that have catastrophically falsified the earlier climate models from prior to 2000. There is just no convincing scientific evidence that human activities are warming the planet.

The AGW crowd claims that the rate of warming has increased, but if that is so, it should have happened so quickly that we would have been farming in Greenland by 2000. Clearly, this hasn't happened.

Also, medieval tapestries from about the year 1000 show the sea levels about the same as they are now.

*UN Climate Results are Only Possible Through Corruption
Tim Ball, Rebel Columnist

**AGW - Anthropogenic Global Warming, or Human-caused global warming.
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Trump's Wall [Jan. 22nd, 2017|04:49 pm]
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I hope that Trump will not carry through on his promise to "build the wall". Just as the Democrats didn't think it through when they authorized large amounts of government power, only to see it fall into the hands of Donald Trump, so too "The Wall" could backfire on the freedom-loving segment of the Republicans if it gets used in the future, like a future Berlin Wall, by a leftist dictatorship, to wall *in* USians.
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Energy vs. Slavery [Jan. 22nd, 2017|04:45 pm]
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We are facing a very powerful push to cashier our basic liberties and push us into serfdom, with overlords and rulers over us, especially with regards to large-scale energy transformation, or the industrial revolution, the greatest classical liberal or libertarian advance in the history of mankind. This is showing up in the "consensus" of government "scientists" on "climate change", or human-caused global warming. There is no consensus -- google for the Petition Project, in which about 31,000 scientists and engineers signed the statement "There is no convincing scientific evidence that human activities are warming the planet." Consensus is not how science ever worked; science works by disproving theories. For example, global warming began in its current cycle, except for a recent downturn, after the Little Ice Age of ca the 1400s, etc., well before the industrial revolution. Coal-burning in the USA greatly increased in the 1940s, too late to explain global warming. The government "scientists" tend to want more power for themselves in this feudal hierarchy that many are attempting to impose on us. This is the nature of the "Human-caused global warming" hoax that is being foisted on us and is already causing hardship in Canada and in other countries. Make no mistake, it is large-scale energy conversion, the industrial revolution, that made possible civilization that is not based on slavery.
The "scientists" couch their "science" in obscure mumbo-jumbo, that we won't understand, and might believe, meant to frighten us. Fear is their tool, just as the medieval church used threats of hell, that people believed in the day, to frighten people and to maintain power over them. Science is meant to be understood by everyone. When you find the Petition Project by websearching, you can read a clearly-written review paper there with data taken from other peer-reviewed papers and published in a peer-reviewed journal (I posted the link to it earlier), that explains "There is no convincing scientific evidence that human activities are warming the planet." One antidote to those who try to acquire power through fear, as a cross to a vampire, is ridicule.
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