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"Mastering Assertiveness Skills: Power and Positive Influence at Work", by Elaina Zuker

"Mastering Assertiveness Skills: Power and Positive Influence at Work"
by Elaina Zuker
Highly recommended. This is real. I find that this really fills out practical understanding of how to do assertiveness.
You should read "When I Say No, I Feel Guilty" (WISNIFG) , by Manuel J. Smith, first, however, as it lays out the foundation of assertiveness theory.
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Reforming policing

I don't believe the police should be defunded; maybe not buy them toys like armoured personnel carriers if they can't behave as peace officers. But they shouldn't have special rights under the law, either. No-one should. Distinguishing features of the police should just be training, equipment, and being paid to do it full-time.
Neither should unions, employers, or anyone else have special rights under the law.

In the US, the first Libertarian congressman, Justin Amash, has recently put forward a bill to remove the doctrine of immunity from the police. This doctrine was specifically disavowed by the US founding fathers, but the US Supreme Court subsequently invented it.
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Very apt spoof of Xi Jinping by laowhy86

In this week's ADVChina:
"What Made Us Fall in Love with China?"
Mon Jul 6, 2020
Hanoi, Vietnam

Laowhy86 spoofs Xi Jinping at 8:20:
Spoken spoof starts at 8:43:
ends by 9:13:

Is Xi Jinping Xi-tler? The Epoch Times newspaper reported that cell phone accounts have decreased in China by 21 million. You can't live in China without a cell phone; you need it to ID yourself; it's "1984" made real. Did 21 million + people die in China of COVID-19? If the Chinese gov't, headed by Xi Jinping, set up a situation in which 21 million people were killed, that's approximately a Hitlerian score.

It's illegal in China to compare Xi Jinping to Winnie the Pooh.
"the devil ... the proud spirit cannot endure to be mocked" - Sir Thomas More.
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COVID-19 hysteria and root causes

Some of this COVID-19 hysteria appears to be destructive.

As to why there is always a mass movement back to the "good old dark ages", I speculate from the final theme of "Atlas Shrugged": that some people want to kill everybody else, knowing full well that their own deaths will follow. I think that, due to peoples' knowledge of own mortality, this very dark and sick motivation develops. This also shows up in anti-nuclear-power, the anti-technology movement, and the anti-property-rights (CICPR)/anti-free-market movement. The urge to death has been the foundation of dark and sick philosophy since Plato, and before.
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French vs English and *nix vs DOS

My impression of French is that it makes English look like a toy language, in much the same way that Unix, or it's *nix variants, make DOS look like a toy OS (Operating System). However, MS-Windows has built a much more user friendly OS, that windowed versions of Linux haven't matched.
I believe that Microsoft may have ripped off Apple, but I digress.
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What is worth writing about?

Once again I return to this theme.
It is often maintained that the only thing worth writing about is "the human heart in conflict with itself", but I think accomplishment and building for the future are more worth writing about. These two themes are core themes of Science Fiction, making SF the most valuable literature of all. Indeed, building for the future is what we all do every day, except sometimes if we're on vacation, retired, or have given up on life. Building for the future is the most important activity, making SF the most important literature.
Also, of course, SF is "the literature of ideas".
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Interracial Violent Crime Incidents in the US, 2018

Two-at-a-time between black, white and hispanic, each way, giving six stats:
White on black: 59,778 cases, the second-lowest.
Black on white: 547,948 cases, the highest by a wide margin.
What isn't needed are more social programs, causing more gov't interference and a worse economy, thus more anger, but liberty, i.e., CICPR. More success and people being better off will reduce anger.
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"Foundation", by Isaac Asimov, coming to a screen near you!